Hence, we bring to you a very sleek and compact Philips power bank. It has a powerful battery capacity and is durable and easy to carry around. With this smart power bank by your side, you no more have to worry about your phone losing its battery quickly. Philips power bank will ensure that your phone stays charged and your work does not get interrupted. Suitable for all industries.

Key Features: 

  • Light-weight & pocket-friendly Philips power bank to carry around easily
  • A high capacity A+ Lithium Polymer battery is large enough to charge an iPhone 8 Plus 2.5 times, Samsung S9 2.6 times, and an iPhone X 2.6 times
  • Equipped with the Smart Power Management feature to make sure that power gets transferred in an efficient way and the proper sequence if multiple devices are getting charged at the same time to provide uniform charging at high speed



Model Name 10000mAh Yellow Philips Power Bank- DLP1710CY
Input Micro USB & Type-C
Battery Lithium Polymer
Accessories Included 1 USB Cable


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