Plenty of easy-to-use features for kids and adults

It does not matter if you are a young biker or a work-from-home kind of person, this stainless steel bottle is suitable for anybody wanting to stay hydrated. Available in two sizes 750ml and 1000ml, Monaco is sure to quench your thirst in a gym, office, bedroom, park, school, or anywhere else. Its long and narrow neck will give you the advantage of convenient holding.

Assurance of long-lasting colors and better grip

At Pexpo, our designers and makers understand the expectations of the users about having a product remain of the same color throughout. You can pick any color of Monaco among the available blue, red, back, and silver; we assure you safe and strong paints that will not fade away any soon.


Black, Silver, Blue, Red


1000 ml


Regular, Sipper


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Pexpo Duro Steel Bottle


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