Inframount is a revolutionary wall mounted automatic IR thermometer that instantly provides results without the need of having designated personnel to carry out temperature checks. InfraMount comes with a rechargeable battery or can even be powered using 3 x AAA batteries. InfraMount allows complete freedom in terms of placement as it can be easily mounted on to any wall or even a tripod stand, making it practical & perfect for offices, clinics, hospitals, banks, cinema halls, malls, schools, and just about anywhere. That’s not all, we’ve also included a Hi-Fi Speaker that shouts out ‘High Temperature or Normal Temperature’ depending on the readings. It comes with a big LED 3 color display that clearly displays the temperature effectively, all the time!


  • “Wall Mounted Contactless Infrared Thermometer: Inframount is the preferred best-in-class wall mounted IR thermometer that’s proudly made in India.
  • Completely unmanned operations with 0.5 seconds super-fast temperature readings, so that you don’t risk anyone’s lives. It also saves a lot of time which is very important as it reduces bottlenecks at the entrances.
  • Inframount comes with a dense rechargeable Li-Ion Battery and can run for 3 weeks on a single charge. It also can be powered using 3 x AA Batteries. You can hang it on a wall or mount it on a stand at every entrance or door way for automatic screening.
  • Triple Calibrated in a Dust Free Facility that provides ±0.2°C accuracy even at 10cm range. Optimized for Indian Heat at Extreme 50°C Temperatures and Coastal Humidity; Working Temperature Celsius: 10°C to 50°C. Fahrenheit: 50°F to 122°F, Relative Humidity: ≤80%.
  • Dual Indication with (Celsius and Fahrenheit) RANGE: Celsius: 0°C to 43°C. Fahrenheit: 32°F to 109.4°F. It is easy to install and keeps a memory record of the last 20 readings. It comes with a 3 color Digital Display and a Hi-Fidelity 3W Alarm and 5 level adjustable volumes to indicate High or Low Temperature.”

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