Drynk comes in two sizes, convenient to be used on different occasions. 600 ml Drynk is perfect as an everyday bottle that you can bring to work, carry when you travel or simply head out to the gym. 350 ml Drynk will come in handy as kids’ water bottles and for adults who prefer to carry their own coffee or a beverage to work. Now you can enjoy your hot chai or congee while you are getting to work or carry your own watermelon juice when you head out for a walk, all in a Vaya Drynk! Drynk can be used to carry hot water for sterilizing your infant’s bottle or carry soups or juices for your baby when you are heading out.

Vaya Drynk is light and sleek, comes in attractive colors and patterns, and comfortably fits into your car door slots, laptop bags, and handbags too. The thermal water bottles have a non-slip base, an easy-to-hold design, and come with BPA-free lids. Now you have more reasons to whip up those healthy smoothies or your protein drinks and carry them along when you work out or run around the block. It is interesting how a single bottle could morph into a sports or gym water bottle, a smoothie tumbler, a thermos for your hot chocolate and many more!

Magnetic Sipper Lid

The Sipper lid is designed for you to sip hot beverages of your choice. It comes with a magnetic latch that keeps the cap open and prevents it from falling on your nose.

Hygienic, covered spout area.

Premium Quality Materials

Drynk is made of high quality materials for consumer food-ware. The plastic components are made with safe Bio-Copolyester that is known to have high chemical and stain resistance. It is also BPA free and FDA certified.

The metallic component is made of food-grade stainless steel 304, which has corrosion resistance across standard food product usage conditions.


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