Inspired by nature’s two opposing forces, namely Gravity and Magnetism, the  Asymmetrix II is a unique, multi-functional desk lamp that also doubles up as a smart phone holder.

At the center of Asymmetrix II are two levitating orbs that function as the light switch.

Asymmetrix’s II vivid led lights come with 3 dimmable light modes that can be controlled via the sleek function button at the bottom of the light.

A simple, light nudge with either of the orbs will align them and activate the led lights within milliseconds. No noise. No switches. No hassle.

Embedded at the bottom of Asymmetrix’s seamless, black design is a smart phone holder that makes your desk clutter-free.

At the base of the Asymmetrix lamp, we embedded a usb port that can power your devices. It perfect for the desk at the office or by your bedside, especially when you need extra usb ports.

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