The ceramic mug set adopts the real gold roasting process and is fired in a high-temperature kiln of about thousands of degrees. A coffee mug with a warmer is designed to keep your beverage at a constant temperature and keep this temperature the whole day. Semi-circular cup handle, reasonable design, easy to pick up and packaging suitable for gifting during the festive season.


Key Features: 

  • Ceramic cup with a smooth glaze
  • Warmer for making drinks warm immediately
  • Attractive shape and design
  • Perfect to drink milk, tea, coffee and water
  • Semi-circular cup handle with strong gripping
  • Portable and easy to use a ceramic mug



Weight 551 grams
Packaging Weight 734 grams
Dimension Thermostatic coaster: 16.3 x 12 x 2.2 cm,lid: 8.4 cm,cup: 8.4 cm,Diameter of the base of ceramic cup: 8.9 cm,Length of the spoon: 14.5 cm
Model Name 380ml Black Ceramic Cup With Lid And Spoon


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