DigiFold PRO is a 10 digit scientific calculator with a re-writeable notepad.

Its unique 2 in 1 design allows you to make advanced calculations and note them down round calculations without the need of wasting paper.

It has a unique folding design which makes it mini & compact in size allowing you to carry it just about anywhere! 


Scientific Calculator with Notepad with a unique 2 in 1 folding design

Calculator Functions: Statistical Calculations, Trigonometric Calculations, Logarithm Calculation, Hexadecimal Calculations, Summation, Time Series, Factorials, Tabulations, basic & advanced arithmetics

LCD E-Writer Functions: Large writing surface, Erase button, Dedicated Stylus and slot to store the stylus, Bright Display

Other Functions: Soft Silicone buttons, 42 Keys, Memory keys, Erase number, superior build quality

Warranty: DigiFold Pro is manufactured under the ’s Make in India initiative to boost local innovation & set up world-class manufacturing facilities right here in India. We offer 1-year warranty on DigiFold PRO.

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