From the creator:

For over 4 years, Urbantribe has been the preferred backpack of choice for smart people. The Urbantribe bag stands for inspired,innovative and functional thinking where every bag is thoughtfully designed and stays true to its hyperfunctional persona. Making them sleek, tough, stylish and ready to take on any challenge in todays Urban jungle.

At Urbantribe, our design is constantly evolving to reflect the latest trends and our tribes’ ever-changing needs. Every piece of Urban Tribe is thus not only smart and functional but also an extension of the consumer’s personality.

Beautiful Inside !

What makes your ATLAS ..BEST IN CLASS is whats inside it. Simply stunning mustard lining, smart organiser, multi compartments make the bag more beautiful inside !
Its unique sideways opening for the laptop copartment, makes it that more stylish and different at the same time making it more secure, than the usual top opening. (Accessories shown in these pictures are not sold with the bag).


There is a new tribe of smart leaders out there. young, visionary, bold. For whom making a name isn’t as important as making a dent in the universe.

They are constantly chasing the big idea and the next game changer. Urbantribe acknowledges this maverick spirit and partners them in their journey

to become the leaders of their pack. Presenting the smart ATLAS laptop backpack…. the all new definition of BEST IN CLASS !


Master the travel to and from work, with the ATLAS backpack. Designed for the ups and downs of daily office travel, ATLAS comes with features, design
and materials that make it all a breeze and keeps you SMART, STYLISH & SOPHISTICATED always!

First in category “ANTI-TANGLE” straps !

No more shabby looking, accident prone height adjustment straps hanging from your shoulder straps. Another BEST IN CLASS feature is the thoughtfully designed, first in category, unique “ANTI-TANGLE” height adjustment straps. The unique feature makes your ATLAS and you look good from every corner !

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